My name is Tobias Kai Schnellbacher.

I got my first real estate fever in 2006 when I sold the first residential home in Costa Rica. I was still new in this business and in the area.

I had to use a local driver for the first showing, since my orientation skills in the Central Valley of Costa Rica were, let’s say, in their beginning stages (navigation apps were still far from common then).

And then the first deal was also a bit tough to negotiate. I had to negotiate a six figure real estate deal between a Texan seller, a German buyer and a Polish lawyer.

These experiences helped me shape what is now Kai’s Homes.

Kai’s Homes means nice and beautiful houses in nice neighborhoods with great views and/or amenities and unconventional real estate deals in Costa Rica. That’s what I love and where I have my focus on. Therefore, you will find that 90% of Kai’s Homes properties have great views.  With regards to unconventional real estate deals I can offer you the new Costa Rica Rent to Own Program.

Besides real estate I am also very interested in the health, wellness, tech industries, and real estate marketing.

In addition to the real estate market in Costa Rica, I will soon expand to the U.S. and other markets where I plan to do conventional real estate deals and help real estate investors with their marketing.

Costa Rica will always be an interesting market, since it is one of those paradisiac countries where you have the ideal place to combine nature’s beauty and great views with architectural perfection.

In my blog you’ll find articles about:

  • Wellness real estate investing
  • Tech trends and how they influence real estate
  • Relevant news and information about real estate investments in Costa Rica
  • Real Estate Marketing

Coming soon – Investing in U.S. Real Estate

I am also co-owner of several commercial properties in Costa Rica and very soon Kai’s Homes is going to invest in properties in the U.S.

There I will focus on nice homes in good neighborhoods.