The Secret of Getting into your Home in Costa Rica Without a Large Down Payment

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The Secret of Getting into your Home in Costa Rica Without a Large Down Payment

What if you could fulfill your dream of a house in Costa Rica today?

Now, you can be among the tiny handful of Costa Rica lovers who can enjoy their place in the sun earlier than you might have thought.

If you would like to live in Costa Rica, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read. 

Now, you can test drive your home and live in Costa Rica one or more years before buying.

What you will learn today will fast track your Costa Rica property plans.

Knowing Costa Rica from vacations and living there is a whole new ballgame. Why? Let me tell you a story, and you will find out.

One of our past home buyers came down here with his wife and bought a house in the southern part of Costa Rica.

We still maintained contact and talked from time to time over the phone after the sale, and about two years after buying his home, I got a call from him.

He asked me if I could help him sell it again. What happened? He told me that he fell in love with a local woman and his wife is now about to leave him.

Could this also happen with a rent to own? Absolutely.

A rent to own isn’t a guarantee for your marriage, but if he had an option on the house for three years and rented it first until exercising the option, they could have just not exercised the option and would only have lost the option money and wouldn’t have to sell the property.

Let me tell you another story. I was once contacted by a buyer who needed owner financing. Yes, that’s also possible in Costa Rica. There are a few sellers open to that, if the terms are interesting enough to them.

The thing is, most owners want a considerable down payment of about 50% of the purchase price, and then the financing period isn’t a very long one. You are lucky if the seller agrees to three years. A lot of times, it’s much less and we haven’t talked about the interest rates yet, which can be higher than what local banks charge, meaning more than 7% to 10%.

Long story short, unfortunately, I had to disappoint this woman with the owner financing terms.

This caused a little bit of sadness and frustration, as she had other terms in mind, such as a down payment of 20% (rather common in the US) and of course, lower interest rates. So, in the end, she couldn’t buy the house on these terms.

I have a similar story from someone else from the US. Let’s call him John. He also wanted to finance his property purchase in Pura Vida country. But in contrast to the example above, he wanted to finance with a local bank.

The thing with local banks lending to foreigners is that basically all of them need you to be a legal resident or citizen, and then, they loan between 70% to 80% of the loan-to-value. 

So, John still needed at least between 20% and 30% as a down payment, and the next shock came when I mentioned what kind of interest rates banks charge. They can be between 7% to 10%.

Why am I telling you all these not so motivating stories?

Well, because there is another solution for you, which allows you to…

already live in the home you want to buy
save money for the final purchase
buy time to get your things in order at home, such as selling your house and other pre-existing obligations.
move to Costa Rica faster than you thought possible.
move in to your future home, even though you don’t have the money ready yet, but within 1-6 years from now.
…buy with a small down payment.
test drive your future Costa Rica home, and find out if Costa Rica is really for you.
retire a bit earlier.
avoid hassles with banks and short-term owner financing in Costa Rica at high interest rates.
fulfill your dream of a house in Costa Rica earlier.

Your solution is “The Costa Rica Rent To Own Program”.

It helps you find and negotiate the right deal for you or helps you do this on your own, so that you can be in your future Costa Rica Home earlier than you thought possible. 

It is the only program in Costa Rica that does real estate the unconventional way.

Say goodbye to the common problems with a new property in a foreign country and to your frustrations with not already living in Costa Rica.

Would you rather wait longer, stressing out about what it would be like to live in Costa Rica full or part-time, either not having a large amount of cash ready or not wanting to putting down a large amount of cash yet, spending more dark and cold winters in the north, or not getting financing or only financing with suicide terms?

Or would you rather start your Pura Vida lifestyle now, avoiding the northern winters, escaping the high pace and stressful lifestyle and living in a comfortable climate year-round earlier than you thought possible with friendly people around you?

With a 4 to low 5-figure amount, you can get into your new home in sunny Costa Rica compared to the low 6-figure amounts that you would need to do it the conventional route. 

If you liked what you read, and think, like me, that this is a smart way of buying property in Costa Rica, contact me today about “The Costa Rica Rent To Own Program” or check out our already pre-negotiated deals.

Contact us today because if we have pre-negotiated deals, they go fast and second, if you want us to find the right home, it can take some time to find and negotiate them. The same is true if you want to do it on your own and chose our rent to own consulting service.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that these deals are not easy to negotiate because they are unconventional.

I’ve talked to a lot of sellers and sometimes even I can feel their “brain-freeze” over the phone when explaining how it works to them (not to mention lawyers).

This isn’t for you, if you…

…still want to wait a longer time to fulfill your Costa Rica dream.
like to spend a lot of money on a down payment.
…are fluent in Spanish and have no difficulties negotiating such a deal on your own.
know how to find and put these kinds of deals together and know what terms to put into the necessary contracts and which local professionals to contact for them.
prefer to pay rent and do not want to build any equity while renting.
like the bank financing hassles and high interest rates or large down payments for short term owner financing at similar or higher interest rates.
don’t want to test drive your future home in Costa Rica.
don’t like to do real estate the unconventional way and prefer to do conventional cash-deals.

Live your Costa Rica dream earlier and contact us today!

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