Villa Vama de Dominical is located on a 2.8 acres land parcel and takes full advantage of the beautiful Costa Rica setting surrounding the house.

This beautiful piece of real estate occupies 2.8 acres of land and is sited in the highbrow Escaleras community which is highly sought after in the Dominical area.

It is also highly accessible with 4 roads leading into it (Pacific Edge road, San Martin South Road, Poza Azul Road, and Escaeras road).

This indicates that there is a high tendency for rapid development and hence increasing the value of the properties value in the area.

Also, the location will make the property visible and therefore more likely to attract rental tenants.

The beautiful views visible from the pool area and terrace will surely leave you in awe of nature.

You’ll get to see an endless stretch of the Pacific with its foamy waves and rays of the sun playing across the water.

Beyond just the sea and the beach, there’s also the forest with its array of birds and countless White-Headed Capuchin Monkeys and Howler monkeys.

These animals, apart from providing a splendid view, will add an element of natural sounds to the environment with the birds chirping and the monkeys gibbering.


Perfect Construction and Design with Modern Furnishing

Villa Vama de Dominical is a combination of open invitation and complete security and privacy at the same time.

While the rooms have floor to ceiling windows to allow views of the beautiful surroundings, the house is shielded with concrete fences to prevent any unauthorized entry or breaking in.

You can choose to hang out with guests either in the sitting room or if you’re more comfortable with them, in the kitchen.

Both have ample spaces and are tastefully designed and furnished. There’s also a nice terrace which leads to a secluded swimming pool.

An expansive passage leads both to the guest bedroom with its own terrace as well as a laundry room.

The master bedroom is fully self-contained with its own bathroom, terrace, and space for clothing closets.

The house is already fully furnished with cable and internet, car parks and other important features.


Options of Modification, Expansion, and Income Generation

For adventurous buyers who have their sights set on enlarging their property both in size and value, Villa Vama de Dominical is the perfect property to purchase.

The design of the grounds allowed for future modification and addition.

There’s provision for extra space to include a private relaxation area which may cost in the range of $70,000, this is surely going to add greatly to the value of the property, significantly increasing its potential selling price in the future.

Also, this fabulous property is a potential source for generating considerable passive income from rentals, especially with the addition of the proposed modifications.

Either you’re planning to develop it further or use the property as it is.

Villa Vama de Dominical is a completely great deal with its strategic location and development potential.


All the benefits at a glance

  • Three covered balconies elevated in the treetops.

  • A private pool area with a stunning whitewater ocean view.

  • Nice views of the surrounding forest.

  • Modern design which ideally combines privacy and openness.

  • Solid concrete walls with steel accents.

  • Floor to ceiling windows provide the great views which can be enjoyed from this villa.

  • Spacious kitchen and living room which open up to the outside covered balcony and private pool.

  • Guest bedroom with separate private balcony, ample closet space, and a shared full bathroom connected to the living room.

  • Master bedroom with a complete bathroom and private balcony.

  • Included with the home are the high-end furnishings, modern appliances, TV/internet availability, ample parking, and beautiful landscaping.

  • Planned for expansion are a third bedroom located downstairs and a private lounge area (cost estimate of $70k).

  • Qualifies for Costa Rica condo law, due to public road frontage.

  • Water concession in place from a stream located below the house.

Nice views of the surrounding forest.

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Property-ID: 1667
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2 
Property Size: 2.8 acres
Living Space: 1600 sq. ft.
Pool: Yes
Year Built:
Air Condition: Yes
Move In Ready: Yes
Location: Dominical
Please note. Position on map below is not exact address.
Price: $ 575 000


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