Something more impressive than Villa Escazu Vista Divina is almost impossible to find in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

This property fulfills almost every wish. 

It offers panoramic views in nearly all directions and is located between Escazu and Santa Ana on a 3.61 acres property (former coffee plantation).

Sprawling in size and mind-blowing in design, you will be hard-pressed to find a more astounding property than Villa Escazu Vista Divina in Costa Rica’s Central Valley.

The imperial and extraordinary features of this estate give it a price tag valued at $2.3 million, but considering the fact that the owners are eager to have it sold, it can presently be purchased for just $1.977 million.

The Grand Escazu Estate

The palatial property covers all of 3.61 acres and is strategically located in the Escazú hills, which used to be the site of a coffee plantation.

In recent times, however, the area plays host to some of the nicest shopping centers in Central Valley as well as restaurants and bars.

Apart from the proximity to these social facilities, the estate also affords panoramic views of the Central Valley area.

In addition to these, the estate boasts a picturesque garden with nice trees and a variety of flowering plants, this translates to the presence of beautiful butterflies and chirping birds which brings you in touch with nature at its best.

The architecture and build of the house are baroque, featuring hardwood surfaces on the floors, hand crafted wooden doors and windows which are most likely products of the best masons as at that period.

Patios, bathrooms, and the pool area are all finished with shiny marble surfaces.

The kitchen is amazingly finished with granite tops and alternative options of either gas or electricity with a lot of storage space.

The Building

The main building itself covers a little more than a tenth of the whole estate- 13,562 sq. ft. (1260m2)- and it has the following features and specifications:

• A wide patio that affords a nice view of both sunsets and sunrise
• A vast living room complete with fireplace and bar
• Kitchen with extra space for dining
• Study
• Grill section
• Jacuzzi and Swimming pool with a dedicated room for changing
• Guest Bathroom
• 2 extra rooms (including bathrooms) that can be used by live-in staff
• Changing room for staff who don’t live in
• A large garage that can conveniently contain 3 cars
• Extra parking space for guests
• Wiring for Air conditioners and backup generator

Space for Workers

The property was built with extra space for maintenance staff which includes: two bedrooms, laundry, kitchen, as well as a security post within which is a dedicated bathroom and bedroom.

Specifications and special attributes

As already mentioned, this property affords some panoramic views.

Natural landmarks like mountains, the central valley itself, and volcanoes are all visible, also the ocean can be seen as far as the Gulf of Nicoya.

Despite being secluded, quiet, and private, the estate also has close proximity to important social amenities like the airport which is only a 30 minutes’ drive and the Multplaza Avenida Escazu and other shopping centers which are merely 15 minutes away.

For beach and ocean lovers, Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is just 2 hours from the estate.

Security and privacy are assured as the property is surrounded by wire mesh fencing and an electrically controlled gate and pedestrian entrance, operated by phone, are the only points of access to the property.

With the wide expanse of land and space, the property affords the owner and other residents the luxury of cycling, jogging, or walking to any distance or intensity all within the compound.

Finally, the house has a central phone system with extensions for each room.


All the benefits at a glance

  • Property size of 3.61 acres

  • Living Space of 17437 square feet

  • 15 minutes from amenities (e.g. Multiplaza de Escazu).

  • 30 minutes from the airport.

  • Large garden with different fully-grown trees (cypresses and different fruit trees) and blossoming bushes attracting butterflies.

  • Colonial style. 

  • Interior furnished with hardwood floors and custom-made wooden doors and windows.

  • Floors of terrace, pool and entrance area processed with marble. 

  • Gourmet kitchen with breakfast area and equipped with gas and electric stove. 

  • 8 bedrooms.

  • 9 bathrooms.

  • Large living area with fireplace and wet bar. 

  • Guest bathroom.

  • Large terrace area with sunset views.

  • Home movie theatre. 

  • BBQ Area.

  • Pool with Jacuzzi and its own changing room. 

  • 2 rooms for housekeepers with private bathroom. 

  • Garage for up to 3 vehicles.

  • Parking space for visitors.

  • Separate Cabin with two bedrooms, living area, kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. 

  • Gatehouse for security staff.

  • Top-Location with 360° views of the Gulf of Nicoya, surrounding mountains, Central Valley and Vulcanos.

  • Entrance gate made of wood and a separate entrance for pedestrians.

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Property-ID: 1646
Bedrooms: 8
Bathrooms: 9
Property Size: 3.61 acres
Living Space: 13 562 sq. ft.
Pool: Yes
Move In Ready: Yes
Location: Escazu
Please note. Position on map below is not exact address.
Price: $ 1 977 000


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