Pacific Villa Bamboo is a magnificent villa of high standard with stunning Pacific views in an exclusive community. It is located at an altitude of 984 feet above sea level and offers a pleasant climate all year round.

Popularly known as a place of magnificent beauty and great inspiration, Pacific Villa Casa Bamboo is undoubtedly one of the best places to have a Costa-Rican property.

With its proximity to the Southern Pacific Coastline, here is a haven for reflection, relaxation, and the revitalization of the body, mind, and soul.

Such a tranquil and stunningly beautiful rainforest environment is one of the best sanctuaries from which to share unforgettable moments with loved ones.

And for the first time, such a luxury haven is available as an offering on the market.

The House

An outstanding experience is guaranteed courtesy of the combination of fascinating architectural masterpieces and great interior layouts.

There is a perfect blend of comfort, warmth, and liveliness, alongside inside this clean, uncluttered and modern edifice.

Symbolic of a typical Costa Rican home, accessibility is seamless, with spaces flowing outdoors to indoors and vice versa.

The View and Location

Sitting at an elevation of 1,000 feet, Pacific Villa Bamboo offers a better view than the beachfront.

Sea breezes during the day and mountain breezes at night serve as the constant sources of coolness and comfort that envelope the environment.

The best views of the Pacific Ocean panorama, daily sunset, and the continually changing white-water breakers stretching are seamlessly accessible right from the Dominicalito Bay’s ageless lava-flow rocks to the Manuel Antonio National Park islands.

The Jungle and Wildlife

Surrounding the property is an untouchable genuine and ancient primary rainforest reserve, spanning over 60 acres of virgin land, and extends to the mountaintop.

Hiking is more fun on the natural trails that bring beautiful echoes of the primitive world. Throughout the world, you don’t usually come across homes that offer access to a private natural reserve like this.

The entirely natural environment is endowed with several trees of over 30ft in circumference and 150ft in height; 100-foot cascading waterfall; rich population of birds, including Laughing Falcon, Oropendola, Trogan, Toucan, Aracari, White Hawk, Swallow Tail Kite, Mealy Parrot, Orange-Chinned Parakeet, King Vulture, myriads of hummingbirds, and the unusual Scarlet Macaw.

The wildlife comprises several exotic species, including; wild jungle cats, Kinkajou, Coati Mundi, Wooley Opossum, Anteater, Agouti, Whitetail Deer, Peccary, White-Face Capuchin Monkey, Howler Monkey, and Three-Toed Sloth. 

The Exclusive Community

Sitting right at the road top, the exclusive community is not only boutique gated but also screams luxury and privacy. Including the personal residence of the builder, the community comprises just five homes, with this one coming as the second.

You are in for a seamless living and ownership experience, with excellent community amenities and care-taking.

Additional perks include all-day security presence, roadside landscaping, reliable potable water system, everyday jungle hiking trails, and a community nursery garden.

Other advantages are once-a-week cleaning services and weekly home grounds-keeping for the interior of your home clean while you are around, and even when you are away.

The Area

The Escalera’s area of Dominical is a place known for offering stress-free access to the region’s most sought-after recreational destinations.

The Poza Azul waterfall is just 4 minutes away, and the peaceful shores of Dominicalito beach are just 8 minutes away. It takes 10 minutes to hit the surf town of Dominical; 20 for Uvita Mall; and 30 for the elegant Ojochal restaurants.

Not everyone will find the Pacific Villa Bamboo and the Community fitting, perhaps because it doesn’t have:

  • Monotonous house formulas

  • Photo-shoot suited homes, instead of livability-suited homes

  • High volume of rentals

  • Shifting California-style “luxury community”

  • Commercial, corporate development

  • Always-engaged roads with accompanying traffic noise

Inspiration, Commitments, and Concepts

The conceptualization and design credits of the Pacific Villa Bamboo go to a talented team of husband and wife, professional engineer and designer respectively.

The design was tailored to their specific standards and in line with what a perfect tropical home should be.

The sources of the Pacific Villa Bamboo Visual Inspiration are; the vaulted sky, the great soaring bamboo, and the boundless sea.

Features of the room include a 14 ft. clear-opening accordion doors, which resonates the beautiful outside horizons, and a 24-ft.-high-ceiling that depicts the expansive, spacious heavens.

The presence of the captivating infinity-edge pool, sky, and ocean can be felt right from the front entry doorway and across every part of the house. The interior is graciously spanned with giant bamboo finishes right, starting from the entry and moving as far as the Oceanside.

The Conceptual Themes are the artistic celebration of nature transferred indoors, contemporary lines free of coldness, and elegance without lavishness.

The builders, in their philosophy, were committed to excellence and luxury, as evident in their words; “We will only design and build a home that we love and would be happy and proud to live in.”

Luxurious Features alongside Flawless Design

Pacific Villa Bamboo has been said to be inviting, outstanding, magnificent, and fascinating; several sweet descriptive adjectives have been employed in this course.

The home will ‘wow’ you from afar, however, the small delights, when discovered, show a perfectly planned and executed masterpiece.

Pacific Villa Bamboo’s decoration, furnishings, and finishes are based on the premises of beauty, balance, and blending.

Excellent Finishes

  • Fascinating Wood – Cabinetry, doors, and others, all made from solid tropical cedar, and with a unique personalized design made solely for Pacific Villa Bamboo.

  • Ceilings from expansive solid wood – tablia (tongue and groove) – spread across every place in the house, inside and outside.

  • Exquisite Metal – deco windows, doors and railings that offer 3-D artistic security, and superior to any other designs apart from Pacific Villa Bamboo’s.

  • Amazing Stones – Rich collection of stones and coverings, including pool decking and column coverings in native coralina; rough-carved stone sinks; foreign granite and onyx countertops; polish marble bowl sinks; white marble pool tiles; hot-tub tiles of Royal Veta stone; pebble stone accents; entry portico; and giant carved boulder soaking

  • Inviting Tiles – aesthetically blended perfected selections of dimension, color, and texture.

  • Radiant Lighting – perfectly sized, shaped, and dimensioned decorative fixtures that complete certain areas. Ceramic wall light fixtures, designed explicitly for Pacific Villa Bamboo, light up the outdoor living areas, with the appearance of a “butterfly” design glow in the golden light.

  • Stainless Steel appliances, including kitchen appliances and a grill for your BBQ.

    Dramatic Indoor Dining that takes up to 10 diners: 11 ft. x 4 ft. dining table locally made from a solid-tree slab

  • Classically and stylishly furnished dining chairs, according to the US standards

    State-of-the-art Indoor Seating & Media: Sophisticated sofas that offer comfort; tufted seat micro-fiber (US)

  • Coffee table, made from Ron-Ron root and tempered glass top

  • Pedestal side tables locally crafted from naturally weathered woods, alongside tempered glass tops

  • Media center, native wood plus bamboo slat accents, all of the custom designs and locally made

  • 65” Sony Smart HD TV

  • The Bedroom Suites: Locally crafted solid wood furniture with customized designs, a blend of exotic and local woods, such as Mango, Teak, Tropical Cedar, Manglio, Guapinol, and Guanacaste, Pillow-top matrasses-fitted king sized beds, nightstands, accessory cabinets, stools, and mini-tables, exquisitely finishing touches and color palettes – a perfect blend of fabrics, paints, lighting, wall and 3-D art

Outdoor Living, Lounging, Dining and Entertaining

  • Lounge chair and sofas made from solid wood and customized Subrella fabric cushions arranged to form seating groups in two upper balconies and outdoor living

  • Customized coffee table made from solid branch mango wood

  • Customized dining table, made from teak, conveniently accommodating ten diners

  • Custom bar top made from Guapinol solid wood slabs, alongside customized bar stools made from solid wood bars

  • Artistic Collections; showing the unique beauty of breathtaking natural creations

  • 6 ft. tall and 12 ft. wide colossal river salvage cedar piece, front and center high on ocean side wall

  • Cristobal root slice, sophisticated and colored richly, in the outdoor living area

  • Tops of stair landings made from weathered cedar driftwood with the intricate root structure

  • Vivid lengths of giant bamboo culms

  • Rich art collection, including paintings, carvings, prints, and ceramics, locally and internationally made; perfect choices; and flawless positioning.

Sun Fun

  • Infinity edge pool of white marble tiles, offering a shallow lounging shelf

  • Solar heated outdoor shower, cozy up right below the soaring bamboo

  • Seated on a semi-private lower terrace; a hot tub for up to 10 persons, with angled seats designed for easy use and comfort. Stunning Tropical Landscaping

  • Diverse species of bamboo (up to six)

  • Handpicked beautiful flowers, positioned in key places where they entice hummingbirds and butterflies

  • Blissfully-fragranced Ylang Ylang trees to complement your evenings and mornings. The aroma and essential oil supplied by these flowers have found excellent uses, an example in Channel No. 5 perfume, due to its several health benefits. Massive collection of textures and colors that appear pleasing to the eye as you walk around, including large ears and tall ferns, crotons and heliconias beaming colors, tender bromeliads and delicate flowers.

The Four Master Bedroom Suites

Experience has shown that the best life moments are those we share with our loved ones.

And there is enough space to create these indelible moments with the Pacific Villa Bamboo four unique master bedroom suites.

You have no reason not to share these magic moments with those you love, as you all wake up to the majesty of the magnificent view.

The squad gets to enjoy the pleasure and bills that come with the delightful meetings and explore the calmness of the exceptional personal spaces.

The Pacific Villa Bamboo design is such that there are distinct secrets and charms to each master suite.

The quality of the bed and bath, for instance, is uniformly excellent across all of the four suites. You never have to apologize to your guests for a slight disparity in the level of comfort, after all, they are all the same.

Overlooking the lovely infinity edge pool are the two lower suites, each with a “confidential space.”

One of the suites hosts loungers perfect for upward gazes into the soaring bamboo, and the other houses a carved boulder outdoor soaking tub.

Each of the two upper suites offers personal balconies, where you can enjoy the perfect view of the Pacific Ocean, tuned to the highest definition.

Café Azul (Blue Café) – situated at Northside, 1st floor:

Overlooking, and at the same time, opening into the infinity edge pool and a café bistro table made for two, this suite offers a calming soft color palette of “café au lait,” with the compliments of the sky’s clear blues and the sea’s foamy whites.

The embroidered bedding is further highlighted with the customized dimensional basket-weave headboard and cabinetry. In the bathroom, there is the lovely large garden tub, alongside a rain-head shower that runs lavishly.

The countertops are made of “Lumen Granite”, thus making it translucent, though under-lit to deliver a soothing blue-green night-light radiance.

There is a perfect dimensional and semi-reflective bluish-white illumination, courtesy of the shower and bath tiles.

Excellent colors and motion, from good abstract paintings, graciously abounds in both the bath and bedroom.

Your “confidential space” is accessible through a door, right from the bath.

So, after a soothing bath, you can relax and reflect under the cool bamboo shades, with the calming feeling of the rustling leaves and tapping culms reaching every part of your freshly-bathed body.

Madera y Roca (Wood & Rock) – situated at the Southside, 1st floor:

Overlooking and opening into the infinity edge pool alongside a pair of comfy armchairs, this suite spots unique decors that utilize natural greens as backdrops, while highlighting the modest exquisiteness of the stone and wood.

Solid Guapinol headboard, plus well-curved edges of the living wood, make up the beautiful headboard.

The appealing artwork comprises of a full-scale mural depicting a black bamboo, plus a framed well-detailed yellow bamboo painting.

Adorned by stones of various sizes, the bathroom contains a rain-head shower, a sink carved from granite, and the richly carved tub seated right in its outdoor garden, and spacious enough for two.

Pajaro Elegante (Elegant Bird) – situated at Northside, 2nd floor: Opening into a personal balcony that avails a view directed to the lava-rock peninsula of Punta Dominicalito, this suite also offers an atmosphere of elegance, courtesy of the golden tints and accents of teal and red.

Enjoy a feeling similar to that of floating in the treetops with the giant bamboo infused with carved tropical birds, situated just outside your window.

A massive soaking tub, coupled with a large rain-head shower, constitute the noticeable fixtures of the bathroom, which also spots dark chocolate tiles, further highlighted by the dazzling gold glass, polished onyx sink, and semitransparent “Velvet Onyx” countertop, usually semi-lit to give a soothing night-light radiance.

Hojas Verdes (Green Leaves) – situated Southside, 2nd floor:

In this suite, you are just a door away from a personal balcony that offers a magnificent view extending to Manuel Antonio.

The deco inspiration of this suite comes from the tropical greens, with a perfect blend of micro stone accents spanning around the large soaking tub and covering the big rain-head shower floor; the “Emerald Granite” countertop oozing freshness and clarity in color; and the elaborate leaves complementing the bedding.

The in-depth natural tints of tropical cedar customized furniture stand to highlight the several shades of green infused in the environment.

The dimensional carvings finally complete the serene beauty of this suite; including flamboyant solid wood carved seashells as well as abstract tribal carvings.

Regarding the 5th Bonus Room – Available for any desired use is a bonus room situated on the first floor, fitted a fully-functional AC and adjacent complete bath.

It could pass as your big-sized private study/office as well as an extra 5th bedroom when the grandkids come around.

Durable And Complemented With Architectural Details Made For 100% Comfort

A perfect home must combine the arts of living good and living well for as long as possible, i.e., an ideal balance between function and form, as seen in Pacific Villa Bamboo.

The builders, with several years of journeys across all parts of Costa Rica, ultimately maximized their valuable insights into the features that make or mar an ideal home in this part of the world.

Such features as airflow and directional aspects, although usually considered unnecessary, significantly influence the comfort and ease of living obtainable from a property.

By identifying such features and treating them with utmost importance, Pacific Villa Bamboo has successfully stood out of the crowd, while meeting the high demands of the US Professional Civil Engineering in areas like construction durability, land stability, and management of high volume of rainfall, among others.

The ocean and mountainsides of the massive room are adorned with a flawless blend of “deco-metal” screened windows, and operable screened windows and doors.

With each perfectly placed from the vaulted ceiling to the floor, continuous airflow is guaranteed throughout the day and night.

This removes the need for comprehensive and costly air-conditioning systems while providing maximum comfort.

Also, ceiling fans are strategically fixed in outdoor and indoor living spaces to increase the free movement of air further.

With the bedrooms, you have the option of going with the natural airflow or opt for the air-conditioned sleeping comfort.

Flow-through breezes can be accessed as and when needed, through the screened openings present in the connecting master bathrooms.

The inventive “louver” system is there in the upper bedrooms, through which natural currents can be captured, when opened, or closed in preference for the air-conditioning flows.

You can conveniently unload groceries and passengers, without having to worry about the weather, with the sizeable portico that accommodates two cars at once.

The weather-shield is courtesy of a massive 1.5-meter roof that overhangs, while the oversize gutters ensure dryness in the interior.

Thus, you can enjoy a seamless outdoor living even when the rain is at the peak.

Your solar water heaters, strategically placed on the roof-top, offers eco-friendly hot water for the best of showers and baths.


All the benefits at a glance 

  • Interior design with elegant bamboo details and precious woods.

  • Pleasant climate at 984 feet above sea level (steady breeze from seaside).

  • Panoramic Views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Pool + Jacuzzi

  • BBQ area with bar.

  • Large property of 2.8 acres and primary rainforest.

  • Peaceful and exclusive community with a 24/7 security service.

  • Spacious and open living area and kitchen with access to the pool and terrace.

  • 4 fully furnished bedrooms with private bathrooms plus one extra room, depending on your needs.

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Property-ID: 1641
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 5 
Property Size: 2.8 acres
Living Space: 6393 sq. ft.
Pool: Yes
Move In Ready: Yes
Location: Dominical
Please note. Position on map below is not exact address.
Price: $ 1 790 000


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