Every country in the world is somehow suitable for wellness retreats, or as locations for wellness real estate projects.

In one of my past articles, I presented you the Living Building Standard, one of the well-known wellness real estate quality standards and in another article, you could learn about the current seven trends in wellness real estate.

In the first half of today’s article, you will learn how different local facts and developments in Costa Rica make wellness real estate projects in this country slightly easier to implement then in others.

In the other half, you will find a list of already existing wellness retreats and wellness real estate projects in Costa Rica.

What Makes Costa Rica Suitable as a Wellness Real Estate Location

Let’s first recap the 8 imperatives to follow when qualifying for one of the many, but most used wellness real standard, the Living Building Standard.

After knowing the imperatives, one can compare them with Costa Rica and how they can be met there.

Recap of the 8 Imperatives:

  1. Place and its 4 specific requirements: Limits to growth, Urban Agriculture, Habitat Exchange, Human Power Living
  2. Net positive water usage
  3. On-Site renewable energy
  4. Health and Happiness: Civilized Environment, Healthy Interior Environment, Biophilic Environment
  5. Materials: No use of red-list materials, Embodied Carbon Footprint, Responsible Industry, Living Economy Sourcing, Net positive waste
  6. Equity: Human Scale and Human Places, Universal Access to Nature and Places, Equitable Investment, Just Organization 
  7. Beauty: Beauty and Spirit, Inspiration and Education
  8. General Requirements

As already mentioned in my main article about the Living Building Standard, this standard can be used to qualify 100% for it but also as inspiration and use its building blocks for own wellness real estate projects.

In the recap above, you could see that some requirements relate to the local environment, while others depend on the design of the project.

The following only focuses on the local ramifications that already exist in Costa Rica and facilitate wellness real estate projects there.

Living Building Standard Requirement What Costa Rica Facilitates
Urban Agriculture (Part of Requirement 1) Easy to grow anything throughout the whole year, even in the City.
The water usage must be net positive and work harmoniously with the natural water flows of the site and its surroundings. 100% of the needs must be supplied by rainwater capturing, another natural closed-loop water system, and/or recycling used water, and must be purified as needed without chemicals. (Requirement 2) Costa Rica has a lot of rain and/or farmland with own water wells. So, a closed-loop water system is possible in several locations and areas.
On-site renewable energy (Requirement 3) Costa Rica has a lot of sun all year round (no dark winter months). Additionally, a lot of lands has their own creek or small river, where further on-site renewable energy production is possible.
Human-Powered Living: New projects need to create walkable pedestrian-oriented communities (Part of Requirement 4) Costa Rica, as most other countries outside the US and Canada, naturally have a higher building density, so that walkable communities are mostly already existing.
Responsible Industry: Certified standards for sustainable resource usage and fair labor practices must be proposed. Materials that can be used are rock, metal, minerals, and timber. (Part of Requirement 5) There are several different local and tropical hardwoods available from timber plantations or trees from private farms that are not protected by law in Costa Rica. The laws regarding logging are very strict and you always need a permission to cut a larger tree not protected by the law.

11 Costa Rica Wellness Retreats and 3 Wellness Real Estate Projects

This section will show you what’s already happening in Costa Rica in terms of wellness retreats and wellness real estate projects and will give you some inspiration should you plan to invest or start your own wellness retreat or wellness real estate project.

The laid-back ambiance and exotic beauty of Costa Rica have made it a top international wellness destination.

The fact that the country is already such a popular wellness tourist destination mainly for residents from the US and Canada, shows the potential in the market, which is far from being fully exhausted yet.

1) Asclepios Wellness and Healing Retreat

  • Situated in El Cacao, Alajuela.
  • Three-week programs, but you can stay there for less time (minimum stay is one week).
  • Retreat programs feature:
    • Three organic and bioenergetic meals a day
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Cooking classes
    • Nutrition consulting
    • Lymphatic massage with aromatherapy
    • Body scrub and wrap
    • Healing stone massage
    • Flotation therapy.

2) Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary

  • Situated on an elevated piece of pristine rainforest on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.
  • Features: yoga classes, spa treatments, delicious meals, and amazing surroundings to help you recharge.

3) Amatierra Retreat and Wellness Center

  • Rural eco-retreat located up in the mountains close to Turrubares
  • Features: detoxifying programs, nutrition consulting, energy-balancing therapy, massage therapy, biomat therapy, yoga classes, and retreats.

4) The Retreat Costa Rica

  • Created by celebrity chef, bestselling author, and life coach Diana Stobo in 2014
  • Located on a quartz mountain close to Atenas
  • Has already won multiple prestigious awards and recognitions
  • Features multiple packages and spa options

5) The Peace Retreat

  • Located in Los Pargos (Playa Negra) Guanacaste
  • Offers a combination of relaxation, personal exploration, adventure, and yoga.
  • Features: Ayurveda workshops, cooking classes, cleansing and healing retreats, yoga classes, all-inclusive yoga packages for up to 30 days and yoga teacher training programs.

6) Anamaya Mind, Body, and Spirit Resort

  • Located in the bohemian beach town of Montezuma on the Pacific coast.
  • Features a large variety of spa treatments, workshops, organic meal options, local excursions, yoga classes, and fire dancing and performing classes.
  • Anamaya is elevated, so its views of the Pacific Ocean and sunsets are quite spectacular.
  • Close to beautiful waterfalls.

7) Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort, Arenal Volcano

  • Located close to La Fortuna, near the Arenal Volcano
  • Expansive all-natural hot springs naturally fed by the volcano.
  • Hot springs surrounded by lush tropical gardens.
  • Offers different spa experiences that can be booked in outdoor bungalows surrounded by nature in complete privacy.

8) Pachamama

  • Off-the-grid community and sanctuary Located between Ostional and San Juanillo
  • Offers silent retreats, yoga retreats, detoxification retreats, and transformation retreats, among other workshops and activities promoting self-growth
  • Minimum seven-night stay
  • Features all organic food

9) Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River, Guanacaste

  • Located in Bagaces, Guanacaste on a 600-acre nature reserve and 1 hour from the Liberia International Airport Good alternative to Tabacon Grand Spa
  • Naturally heated river by the Miravalles Volcano, Rio Perdido Thermal River and dozens of natural pools rich in minerals from the soil
  • Offers massages and their signature volcanic mud body-painting

10) The Alya Retreat Center

  • Located 30 minutes from Nosara, South of San Juanillo
  • Offers guests several holistic options to help their personal growth, healing, and discovery.
  • Features: body and mind cleansing retreats, meditation and yoga retreats, sustainable living, self-awareness, and self-inquiry workshops, yoga teacher training, and individual retreats.

11) Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Nosara

  • Located in Nosara (Nicoya Peninsula)
  • 26 Balinese-style rooms and gardens
  • Offers surf and yoga classes (in-house surf school), fresh juice bar, daily yoga and pilates, gym, and a full-service spa

3 Wellness Real Estate Projects in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only already offering many different kinds of wellness retreat options, but it also has three wellness real estate projects that confirm one or more of the seven trends in the worldwide wellness real estate industry.

To recap the 7 trends in wellness real estate I already wrote about in this article, they are the following:

  • Combining Home, Work, and Free Time
  • Healthy homes not exclusively for people with “fat wallets”
  • Multigenerational and Diverse Neighborhoods
  • Combining the Medical Industry (Health Services) with Wellness Communities
  • From Green to Regenerative Living
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Wellness Living Based on Hot Springs

1) Las Catalanis

Las Catalinas is more or less a combination of the two trends of wellness communities and regenerative living and is a new beach town in the province of Guanacaste Costa Rica.

The community was planned to provide its residents a healthy, sustainable, fulfilling, and fun life.

It is close to nature and makes it easy to connect with people.

2) Outsite Costa Rica

Outside Costa Rica follows the wellness real estate trend of combining home, work, and free time.

It offers co-working and co-living facilities all over the world. Among others, you can find Outside.co in the USA, Indonesia, Portugal, and Switzerland.

In Costa Rica, it is located in Playa Bejuco close to the Central Pacific and only a few driving minutes from Playa Jaco.

It is less oriented towards the home buyer, but rather to the short-term and mid-term tenant, and also offers a membership plan.

3) St. Michael’s Sustainable Community

St. Michael’s Sustainable Community also follows the wellness real estate trend of green and regenerative living.

It offers eco-villas and regenerative farmland, and is a family owned community that aims to prove that it is possible to live sustainably while on a budget.

All properties are not only organic but rather regenerative.

Therefore, on every property, you can find a polyculture of edible landscaping, medicinal plants, and utility plants.

Currently, there are 8 lots and a move-in ready garden home for sale for $189 000.


Since Costa Rica is well known for its bio-diversity and paradisiac landscape, it is little surprise that the majority of wellness real estate projects in Costa Rica follow the trend of green and regenerative living.

The country is especially suitable for that.

Beyond the already mentioned concrete wellness real estate projects, you can also find the trend of combining the Medical Tourism Industry (Health Services) with Wellness Communities and also the trend of biophilic and healthy design with different tree house projects in several areas.

So, I will conclude with the hope that I could show you at least a bit that Costa Rica is actually predestined for wellness real estate projects.

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