The 2 Zones

Zona publica (public area):

  • Waterline up to 50 meters inland
  • Public area
  • Cannot be purchased, enclosed, or built upon

Zona maritima – 150m wide,
connects with zona publica
(maritime zone):

  • Only by having a concession you can be built on it
  • Can be purchased (as part of a property)
  • Does not apply within city borders (e.g. Puntarenas,

6 Facts About Concessions

  • Necessary for construction within the zona maritima
    (maritime zone)
  • Are issued for at least 5 and up to 20 years
  • Usually requires a zoning plan
  • Cannot be applied for by a foreigner (must be a
    resident for at least 5 years in the country)
  • A corporation (sociedad anonima) that applies for a
    concession must show at least 50% nationals as shareholders 
  • Is not transferrable (except in the case of the death
    of the president of a corporation, who may entail it to a son or daughter)

The 10 Downsides of First Row Beach Properties

  • First row beach properties have premium prices
  • Potential land loss because of increasing sea levels
  • Erosion, rust, salty and humid climate demand more
    building materials
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fans are essential
  • More insects than in higher elevated areas
  • Longer waiting time for installation of phone lines
  • Limited cell phone reception
  • Sometimes higher living costs than in the Central Valley
  • Rainfalls and storms are stronger
  • Building permits take longer

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