Small Store Economy Is Booming In Global Pandemic

In reaction to a meeting using Keizai Nippo, Vice Chairman Wang Jiangxiang of this China Warehouse Storage and Delivery Organization stated.

The development of little shops is a vital step to market consumption, enhance people’s lives, and stabilize labor.

The business intends to provide 100 businesses the capacity to form 1,000 little store-intensive regions having a favorite way of life and achieve the objective of 100 cities, including 1000 wards, 100 million shops.

Modest stores along with the lifestyles of inhabitants along with the streets that fulfill the requirements without impacting transport out.

According to the statistics, as of the end of 2019, you will find over 80 million stores enrolled using about 200 million individuals.

A little store is generally a sole proprietor of businesses like retail, retail, lodging, food and beverage, home assistance, delivery support for customer consumption, small businesses with 10 employees or less or yearly sales of 1 million Yuan or not, and yearly sales. Refers to an internet store of less than 15 million Yuan.

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